Commercial Security
ISG specializes in System Integration. Whether your business is a retail store, manufacturing plant, distribution center or office building, we have a solution for your property.

At ISG we understand each business is unique and might require specific needs. If your business is Retail your needs might be an Intrusion Detection System combined with cameras and a digital video recorder. Maybe your Retail Store requires the ability to view the CCTV system via the web or have the ability via the web to remotely arm/disarm your alarm system. ISG has a solution for you.

Is your business in Manufacturing or Distribution? If so, we have the engineering ability to provide you Integrated Systems that report to the same software package. What if one of your back Emergency Exit Doors is propped open? Does your outside Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera automatically zoom in on that door? Does your Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Record link that event to your Alarm and/or Access System? Can you view recorded event video directly from your Access Control System? Does your Fire Alarm System have a software based (Computer) visual Graphic Interface? At ISG we can provide these engineering solutions.

Are you an Office Manager in an Office Building whose collateral duty is security? We have simple web based Access Control Systems that are far easier to manage than the traditional PC based products. Would you rather ISG perform your management of your system remotely because you simply don’t have the time for it?