For years, the traditional method used to transmit video from the camera to recorder was copper RG59 and RG6. Then Twisted Pair Technology came along but no real benefit to the end-user came from this. In the past few years, huge breakthroughs have occurred in the Fiber and IP Technology that truly revolutionized the CCTV Systems that directly affect the end-user.

IT Managers have now realized that putting CCTV systems within their network does not create the issues that were once perceived. IP Camera systems have truly changed the way video can be distributed and viewed within a company’s infrastructure. ISG can engineer the right CCTV system that meets your needs.

With IP having proven its worth, IP Wireless is now proving to be an extremely reliable and less costly way to put a camera or cameras in areas you would have not considered before due to the cost associated with burying cable.

CCTV Integration with Access Control – if you are in Manufacturing or Large Distribution Center Integrating your CCTV System with your Access Control System can prove to be a tremendous management tool. Especially if you utilize a Guard Service, ISG provides integration that brings your CCTV System into the same software package as the Access Control System. This allows you to select events both present and past within your Access System and bring up video from your CCTV System at the same time on the same software. ISG can also engineer your CCTV System to point and zoom your camera to an alarm event such as a propped open emergency exit door.